Media Desk Balkan Regional Meeting

Balkan Regional Media Desks Meeting
October 2017

October 2, 2017 at HOTEL PLAZA TIRANA

In the context of Balkan cooperation in the field of creative industries, as an exigency not only of the Creative Europe Media Sub Program, but also as an internal need of sectors professionals in the Balkans, in the perspective of a growing and interacting cooperation in the region, Media Desk Albania with the support of the European Commission, the EACEA Agency that administers the Creative Europe Program, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Albania, the Albanian National Centre of Cinematography and its counterparts in the Balkans, organizes a multi-dimensional Meeting of the Creative Europe Program Media Desks of the western Balkans.

This meeting, which will be attended by representatives of the audiovisual and cinematographic sectors of the Balkans and Albania, will be held in several discussion panels throughout the day, offering to sector professionals a broader picture of the opportunities offered by the Creative Europe Program for the film and audiovisual sector, including the Balkans, as an important part of this sector.

At this meeting will participate the Heads of Media Desk Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, together with the Heads of the National Cinematographic Centers of the above-nominated countries, and the representative of the European Commission, Mrs. Åse Meyer, Policy officer in Creative Europe MEDIA Sub programme, DG CNECT (Directorate-General for Communications, Networks, Content and Technology.).

This one day meeting, will focus on some important issues on the Creative Europe Program as well as in the perspectives of the creative and film industry sector in the western Balkans: regional cooperation, finding new opportunities for partnerships, the Albanian and Balkans applicants opinion regarding the Creative Europe Media Calls for Proposal criteria, successes and failures of Balkan applicants in the CE program, EU policies related to cinematographic and audiovisual development in the Balkans and Albania, the sector's expectations from the Creative Europe program until its end in 2020 and suggestions for improving this program. The meeting will also offer debates - questions and answers with all participants in the panels, pointing out any worries of sector's professionals, as well as highlighting the different realities of creative and film industry in the Balkan region.

Agenda: Regional Balkan Media Desk Meeting
2 October 2017


Åse Meyer
Åse Meyer is a Policy Officer at the European Commission, working for the Creative Europe – MEDIA Subprogramme (within the DG for Communications, Network , Content and Technology). The MEDIA sub-programme supports the European film and audiovisual industries in the development, distribution and promotion of their work. It helps to launch projects with a European dimension and nurtures new technologies; it enables European films and audiovisual works including feature films, television drama, documentaries and new media to find markets beyond national and European borders and it funds training and film development schemes. There are 14 schemes under the MEDIA sub-programme, among them “Support to international co-production funds”, which is one of Meyer’s responsibilities as a Policy Officer for the MEDIA Sub-programme.

Arben Papadhopulli
Head of Creative Europe Media Desk Albania
Arben Papadhopulli, graduated in Culture and Media Management at the University of Arts of Albania (1996), He disposes a French DESS on European Cultural Policies and Economy (Paris Dauphine University 1999) and a Postgraduate Diploma on European Project Management (delivered by the Council of Europe and Kulturkontakt in Austria).
Arben disposes a large professional experience in media, creative industry and cultural sector in Albania, the Balkan region and he is working also as an independent expert for EU institutions such as the Council of Europe and EACEA (European Commission) etc…
After his first experience on film industry, assisting the Italian Cecchi Gori Group for producing “LAMERICA” 35mm 113`, directed by Gianni Amelio in 1995, from 1998 – 2000, he was appointed General Director of Art and Culture Project Department in the Ministry of Culture of Albania, and was working at the same time as an independent expert for the Council of Europe, under the MOSAIC Programme “The Exercise of Mapping the Cultural Policies in Albania and the Western Balkans.”
From 2001 Arben manages also one of the most important BBC World Service Foundation oversees (the Pine Street / Rruga me Pisha Foundation in Albania), producing and broadcasting high qualitative audiovisual independent programmes. He was an expert for the Swiss Culture Programme in the Western Balkans, and was a lecturer at the University of Arts of Belgrade “the Master Programme of UNESCO and Lion II University in France). From 2012 he has been working as an independent evaluator expert of EACEA and the REA Agency of the European Commission. From 2010 he works also as a freelancer expert on project cycle manager for EU funded projects, capacity building, communication expert, trainer and consultant in the field of creative industry, culture, media and communication. In 2017, the Ministry of Culture appointed him “Member of the Albanian National Council of Copyright”.
Since June 2015, he is the Key Expert for managing the Creative Europe Media Desk Albania.

Andrea Coluccia
Head of Media Desk Bari, Italy
After a “Diploma in Advanced European Studies” promoted by the European College of Parma Foundation, he went to Brussels for a one year research project “Creative and cultural industry in Puglia and Europe: policy and funding opportunity” on behalf of Puglia Region, in 2011. Then he started his career as an expert in the field of cultural and creative European policies and EU Funding Programs. In 2013 he is a consultant for Puglia Region Brussels Office in a project related to the participation of the Region to the EU decisional process. In 2014 he started working in Bari for the Creative Europe Desk MEDIA Italy.

Martina Petrovic
Head of Media Desk Croatia
Martina Petrović has a major in International Relations and a minor in Psychology. Martina has gained most of her working experience at the Ministry of Culture, Department for International Cultural Cooperation, being responsible for various cultural exchange programmes between Croatia and other countries; among many activities, she was responsible for the organisation of Croatian film presentation during international film festivals in Berlin and Cannes. From 2008, she has been actively involved in establishing the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, where she has stayed, after being chosen by the European Commission on one hand and the Board of Committee of the Croatian AV Centre on the other, as the Head of MEDIA Desk Croatia. Following immediate and successful results in terms of ensuring the financing by the MEDIA Programme, working thoroughly on the promotion of the Croatian film, resulted in receiving the first Albert Kapović Award by the Croatian Producers Association, given at the opening of Zagreb Film Festival in 2010. As the Head of MEDIA Desk Croatia (today’s Creative Europe Desk – MEDIA Office) , she has been actively involved in organizing innovative and active presentations/workshops – important tools for education and networking – between Croatian but also European film professionals.

Elektra Vanaki
Head of Media Desk Greece
General Director of the Greek Film Center
She is a researcher and lecturer in many Academic Establishments in Athens, former chief editor of cinema section in, the biggest Greek portal and film editor.
Elektra Venaki has 25 years of experience in film and digital video editing in Greece. Among her collaborations, there are many awarded films in Thessaloniki International Festival, especially the Documentary Section.
She served as a chef of Audiovisual Production in Lambrakis Press Group and chef editor of the cinema site in the biggest portal in Greece, (1999-2005)
She was a columnist in HiTECH, a monthly magazine in Greece. Her writings present the new possibilities of sound diegesis and new technologies in the filming process. Her papers have been published in many collective books, official editions and renowned magazines.
She is the founder of

Nevena Negojevic
Head of Media Desk Serbia
Born in Kraljevo, Serbia in 1985, she graduated in Archaeology at the Faculty of Philosophy (University of Belgrade) and obtained her master degree at UNESCO Chair for Cultural Policies and Management at the University of Arts in Belgrade. She has 10 years experience in project development and managing, fundraising and organizational development with extensive knowledge and direct experience in management and fundraising activities in cultural and creative sectors. She worked in various organizations and institutions as a consultant in project development (with special focus on EU funds) and fundraising. Currently, She is working as a coordinator of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia, MEDIA Office.

Sehad Čekić
Head of Media Desk Montenegro
Managing Director of Montenegro Film Centre
He was born in 1979, in Podgorica, Montenegro.
He is the Managing Director of the newly established Film Centre of Montenegro. During his career, he worked on many various art and film projects. He was producer on Marija Perovic’s “Look at me” (2008) and Nemanja Becanovic’s “The Ascent” (2011). Last year, he produced and co-wrote “Lowdown” by Pavle Simonovic. He works as well as a professor assistant on the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje, University of Montenegro. He is a member of the European Film Academy since 2013.

Vladimir Stojcevski
Head of Media Desk Macedonia
Vladimir Stojcevski was born in 1976 in Skopje, Macedonia. He is a film producer. He studied Production at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and obtained a Master in Economics, with focus on Public Sector Culture Management. From 2005 to 2008, he worked as a producer in the companies “Award Entertainment” and “Award Film and Video”. From 2008 he is a lecturer of “production” at the University of Audiovisual Arts in Skopje and in the Film Academy at the University “Goce Delcev” in Shtip. From April 2016, he is the Head of Media Desk Macedonia, the Creative Europe Media Subprogramme, under the umbrella of Macedonian Film Agency.
He is the producer of the feature film “Oh my love”, 2017, directed by Kole Angelovski, the documentary films “The Children of my Father”, 2015, director Besfort Imami, “A Day to Be Happy”, 2014, director Ljubica Popovska, “Pursuit of luck”, 2013, director Marija Dzidzeva;. In 2012 he was Line producer of the feature omnibus film “Skopje Remixed”, which consisted in 9 short films made by 9 young directors.
Beside this he was part of the organization team of South-East European Film Festivals in Paris and Berlin, “SEE a Paris” (2011-2016) and “SEE in Berlin” (2015-2016), International Theatre Festival “Actor of Europe” (2009-2015), held in Prespa, Macedonia and the festival Women’s Rights Nights (2010-2017).

Zoran Galić
Head of MEDIA Desk Bosnia and Hercegovina
Zoran is a film producer born in Jajce (BiH) in 1979. He graduated film and TV directing at the Academy of Arts (University of Banja Luka), and holds an MA in Creative Film and TV Production at the Faculty of Dramatics Arts in Belgrade. Since 2004, he has been directing and producing commercials, music videos and short films. From 2007, he has been working mostly as a producer.
In 2003 he founded Vizart Film production in Banja Luka. Since then he has produced feature and short fiction films, documentaries and one animated film ranging from comedy, to thriller noir, drama, experimental and socially engaged films.