FeatureLab – 360 degrees development and audience design for 1st and 2nd feature film projects at an advanced stage

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FeatureLab is our comprehensive project development programme for 1st and 2nd fiction feature films.

From June to November 2017, participants will gather for 3 week-long residential workshops, where they will receive tailor-made consultations and work on their projects under the guidance of internationally experienced trainers, or get coached in the design of audience engagement strategies.

Open to professionals from all over the world, FeatureLab is made of 2 actions: 360 and audience design, running parallel along the year.

The areas of consultation for 360 include script, directing, cinematography, sound, post- production, co-productions, sales & distribution, etc. The selected projects will be presented in the TFL Meeting Event co-production forum
(November 2017) and are eligible to compete for the TFL Production & Co-Production Awards, as well as for several collateral prizes.

The audience design participants will work in group, meeting with the projects’ filmmakers and producers as well as with dedicated trainers, developing, researching, writing and presenting a
concrete strategy to later support a film’s sales and distribution.


FeatureLab – 360. For creative teams of scriptwriter, director and producer working on 1st or 2nd
fiction feature films (for the director) in advanced development.

FeatureLab – audience design. For film, media, digital and marketing professionals active in the creation of innovative audience engagement strategies for international film projects.


FeatureLab – 360
2.500 Euro (per team of 2 people)

FeatureLab – audience design
1.200 Euro

Scholarships may be assigned by merit.

This amount covers workshop training, on-line sessions, accommodation and subsistence during the workshops. Participants must cover travel costs. In many countries scholarships are available for this training.

March 1st, 2017, 12:00 p.m. CET (noon)

Full call for applications on:

For more information, please contact:
[email protected]

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