Intensive training for emerging European producers

February 22, 2017 / BY / IN Njoftime

Who should apply?

The Maia workshops are targeted to emerging European fiction, documentary and cross-media producers as well as graduates, production managers and other industry professionals wishing to improve their production skills. Maia also accepts a limited number of participants from non-EU countries.

Which one do I choose?

You can attend one, two or all three workshops. If you are applying for the 3-workshop package we will ask you to come with a project in development. Single workshops can be attended with or without a project. Each workshop is open to 20 participants and the working language is English.
For any further information or advice please contact us by tel: +39 349 144 53 22 or email: [email protected]

What does it cost?

Participation in each workshop costs 1000 € and the fee includes tuition, accommodation and all meals. Following Creative Europe’s regulations a limited number of scholarships covering a maximum of 50% of the fee is available, limitedly for participants coming from countries with low audiovisual capacity. If you apply for the complete programme, the fee is 3000 € for all three workshops. The 3-workshop application entitles the applicant to a place in all three workshops and a close tutorship also on his/her project.

How to apply?

The following files must be enclosed:

– Duly compiled application form
– CV of Candidate (one page), including language skills
- Brief presentation of the company for which the candidate works (if applicable)
– A letter of motivation, including expected benefits from attending the workshop.

In case you apply with a project:

– Synopsis (one page)
– Description of the stage of development, including estimated production budget and tentative financing plan

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